We’re pleased to be offering no contact curbside pickup from our home/farm in Halfmoon Bay, for those of you missing our black garlic, or for those who have yet to try it!

If you’re new to black garlic, it’s cooked over a low and slow heat, with nothing added, until it’s soft and spreadable, with an irresistible sweet/savoury flavour. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever tasted! Simply spread on a cracker, added to pasta, salads, endless options. Wherever you might use roasted garlic you can use black garlic too – just expect a much more intensely complex and rich flavour experience!

Please do email us at pottersblackgarlic@gmail.com to arrange an order. Our homegrown, organic black garlic is available at five bulbs for $20, payment by e-transfer only at the moment to support ‘no contact.’ Our black garlic is currently not available for shipping – you can only get it here on the Sunshine Coast!

Five bulbs of Black Garlic for $20.
Limited time only – while garlic scapes are in season, we’ll include a bundle with your black garlic order!

Send us an email with your order or use our contact form, we currently accept payment by e-transfer to pottersblackgarlic@gmail.com, and we’ll have it bagged up and ready for you to pick up at our front gate on Redrooffs in Halfmoon Bay!

A few storage tips: ~ Black garlic keeps for ages and is just fine out on the counter, though once you uwrap the bulb it will stay fresher longer kept in a jar or bag in the fridge. You can unwrap black garlic just as you would raw garlic, difference here being that black garlic cloves are soft and spreadable ~ 

Here’s a bit more about us and our black garlic:

A sweet balsamic flavour? A savoury molasses? It’s challenging to describe the decadent taste of black garlic – when most people first try it, they simply say “wow!”

We’re Mike and Susan, and we’re proud to grow and make our delicious, organic, and homegrown black garlic with great care and attention. We feel sure you’ll love it!

We’re growing four varieties of garlic to be harvested in the summer of 2020, all of them being hardneck garlic – the ever popular Red Russian, and Music, as well as the somewhat harder to find Chesnok Red and Spanish Roja. We have over 2700 plants in total, and each variety has it’s own unique flavour profile. Fantastic for eating fresh, but they become even more complexly layered in taste once we harvest the bulbs and make them into our black garlic.

Here’s a great post about Potter’s, via the Coast Culinary Collective – we love their passion for fine local food! https://coastculinarycollective.ca/it-mustve-been-something-we-ate-part-1/